International Year Of The Nurse & Midwife in Ireland 2020 (HYBRID)

Project Description

In conjunction with the HSE and the four nursing and midwifery bodies of Ireland, our aim was to celebrate the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020 and promote the event to the staff through digital communications and social media.

Our Role

To create an online conference for the clinical staff and front line workers throughout Ireland. We coordinated over 40 live and remote speakers, site visits of the shoot location in the Mater Hospital. We designed their graphics including social media communications. We managed the rehearsals and the set build in the Mater Hospital. Over 650 attendees registered for the event, almost four times the amount that would attend in a live setting.


Hybrid event, streamed live from the Mater Hospital with speakers coming in remotely through the event platform HOPIN.

What We're Up To